We offer an optional extended school schedule from 12 md to 3 pm every day During this period of time children have lunch, play outside and rest alongside friends and teachers.

Reading stories, sharing snack, art and outdoor activities are the basis of our after-school experience.

You can choose as many days a week of after-school as your family needs.

Prices are as follow:

1 day a week: 35,000 colones monthly

2 days a week: 50,000 colones monthly

3 days a week: 60,000 colones monthly

4 days a week: 70,000 colones monthly

5 days a week: 80,000 colones monthly

Summer Camp

During one week in January and July Treehouse Montessori hosts its wonderful summer camp.

We come to school to meet our friends and share activities like: water splash, cooking classes, storytelling, fieldtrips and sports.

Family and friends are always invited to join us during our summer camp.