Nest (3 to 18 months)

This new space will accomodate only 5 babies per day in our nursery room under the supervision of two adults.  

The main goal is to provide a home-like environment where growing children will be taken care of in a familiar environment with other children their age.

Visual, auditive and physical stimulation are part of our activities always dictated by individual rhythms of feeding, cleaning and sleeping. 

The first year of life is a time to develop trust in the world, to discover the possibilities of our body and to explore: with our mouth, our hands and finally with all our body.   

Since conception, the mind is soaking up information like a sponge using all five senses -touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing - to understand and absorb information about his or her environment.

Our program to infants and toddlers offers the following: 

  • A safe environment to live and explore: a space that awakens the senses and invites them to observe, move and discover.  
  • Exposure to our culture through interactions with other children and adults immerged in a rich spoken language environment.
  • Individualized attention in a 4:1 infant-teacher ratio.  

We know that at this age class schedules can not be established.  Instead, we follow each child’s individual schedule of needs.


Infant's Community (18 months to 3 years old)

Maybe one of the most distinctive qualities of toddlers is their constant need of movement. They are very active physically and need open spaces to master coordination of their growing bodies.  

At Treehouse Montessori we highly encourage outdoor living as an opportunity to breathe fresh air, take a walk and get in touch with the rhythms of nature.

Another amazing characteristic of toddlers is their explosion into speech when they start expressing their needs more clearly little by little.  Our staff will constantly model natural, clear and ample language to guide and inspire later verbal expression.   Singing and reading are also common activities in our room that enrich language and later reading.

In our infants-toddler’s room we introduce basic daily routines and community practices: sit at the table during meals, get involved in care of the environment and participate in self care. While being active participants of their environment, toddlers develop self-esteem and confidence as they take their first steps to independence. We also offer toddlers opportunities to develop fine and gross motor control through art activities and large muscle exercises.

Montessori materials are introduced in the venues of Practical life, Sensorial and Language.  Developing language and introduction to English as a second language is one our goals. 


Children's House (3 to 6 years old)

Children in this class are very independent through their daily activities so we foster a prepared environment full of choices for them to explore on their own rhythm.

Children develop a sense of pride when they are able to do things for themselves. Our main goal is that children feel trusted, secure and enthusiastic in their everyday life as the foundation of a long life learning.

In the classroom we offer children opportunities for food preparation, introduction to math, geography, science and language with hands on materials that stimulates all of their senses.

We work with the “Project approach” to follow the interests of the children in different research areas. This gives us the chance to listen to each other, respect our opinions and discover new ways to see the world.

Children House hosts a maximum of 20 children between 3 and 5 years old.